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Black 3-6mm clamp tensioner

MBCL276 Tensioner
Technical detailsMetricImperial
Rope diameter cc-icon-diameter.png 3 - 6mm 5/32 - 5/16 "
Material cc-icon-material.png Black Nylon Nylon Black
Hole centers cc-icon-holes.png N / Amm N / A "
Length cc-icon-length.png 68mm 2 5/8 "
Width cc-icon-width.png 23mm 7/8 "
Height cc-icon-height.png 48mm 1 7/8 "
Screw size cc-icon-bolt.png N / A N / A
Screw size cc-icon-screw.png N / A N / A
Weight cc-icon-weight.png 28gms 0.98 oz

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Aluminum ring machined to fit on 40mm neck. To hold it with steel or rope winds Dynemma type.

Ideal as a complement to our telecopic masts.


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