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Pletina placa de motor SteppIR Pletina placa de motor SteppIR
  • New

Pletina placa de motor SteppIR

Price €42.50

Pletina de nuevo estilo, hardware incluido, pieza de repuesto recomendada para cualquier Motor EHU de 40 m. Se utiliza para reemplazar la pletina de 2 piezas (antigua) por donde pasan las cintas en el interior del motor.Ayuda a prevenir la acumulación de "suciedad" en los componentes internos.New Platen w/hardware.  Incluye pieza Plástica Negra + Tornillos

Cinta de Vinilo 3M™ Scotch®... Cinta de Vinilo 3M™ Scotch®...
  • New

Cinta de Vinilo 3M™ Scotch® Super 88 Negra 38mm

Price €26.90

High quality insulating tape for weathering, water resistant, cold (low temperatures), heat (high temperatures). Color: Black

Bracket Clamping Joint... Bracket Clamping Joint...
  • New

Bracket Clamping Joint Trombone steppir 2"

Price €59.90

Bracket, stainless steel joint for the joint of the Trombone that does not have the motor. For Boom (Tube) 52mm 2"1 unit (U-plate) Does not include hardware or hardware.

Cruceta para Vientos XL (45-75mm)
  • New

Thimble MB-5 (5mm)

Price €0.59

5mm rope or cable guard in stainless steel (AISI 316).Color: Silver

copy of Leatherman Tip...
  • New

copy of Leatherman Tip Extension Black

Price €16.90

With the Leatherman extension cord and tip holder, extend your reach with this extension tool. Go further with the tip extension of more than 7cm. It supports leatherman's standard tips as well as hexagonal tips. You have to place it embedded in the tip holder and accept all Leatherman screwdrivers as well as all 1/4" hexagonal standards. It is valid for...

Leatherman ring and...
  • New

Leatherman ring and clamping clip Black

Price €13.90

The fastening ring and pocket clip are an option if you prefer to wear your Leatherman hanging. It's an alternative to the holster. Compatible with: Charge, Charge+, Charge+ TTi, Surge, Wave, Wave+.

Leatherman Tread Black
  • New

Leatherman Tread Black

Price €185.90

Made of 17-4 stainless steel and designed to surround your wrist, the Imperial Tread is as comfortable as it is functional. Choose from 29 different tools and take it with you anywhere, whether it's for work, projects or vacations. This version of the Tread features an imperial measurement system. It's the world's first wearable multipurpose. It's to wear...

Aluminum Mast 3.0-1.5... Aluminum Mast 3.0-1.5...
  • New

Aluminum Mast 3.0-1.5 [MBMT-3LR]

Price €49.90

T6 quality aluminum telescopic mast for indoor and outdoor use.Length: 6.5 meters extended and 1.5 meters collected. These sections fall into sections of 60-55-50-45-40mm. Tube wall: 2mm Weight: 6 KG. (Approximate)

R3 Mastrant (3mm)

R3 Mastrant (3mm)

Price €0.45

Rope MASTRANT R3 (PRICE PER METRO) Material: Polyester 3mm Section.Manufacture: Braided with crooked soul with polyester center.Exterior: Cover: Polyester [Sun and Water Resistant in Interperie]. Features: 200 daN force, 60daN safe working load, Elongation 2.4%, weight: 890 gg (in every 100 m).

Aluminum square tube 15x15x1000 Round Tube 10x1000 ALUMINIUM

Round Tube 10x1000 ALUMINIUM

Price €1.21
€1.21 metro

Round tube with a 1mm section for manufacturing different assemblies. Cutting tolerance +/- 5 mm. Length: 1000 mm. (1 meter) Outside Diameter: 10 mm. Inner Diameter: 8 mm. Wall: 1 mm. Alloy: 6060-T66

Cuerda Mastant Resistente P6 (6mm)

M4 Mastrant Rope (4mm)

Price €1.43

M4 MASTRANT Rope (PRICE PER METRO)Material: 4mm Dyneema Section.Manufacture: Braided with crooked soul, Dyneema DM20 nucleus.Exterior: Cover: Polyester [Sun and Water Resistant in Interperie].Characteristics: 900 daN force, Safe working load 270daN, Elongation 1.2 %, weight: 1.4 kg (in every 100 m).

Abarcón Doble M8 60×150 (Zincado)

Double Abarcon 45mm M6 50×125 (Zincado)

Price €3.81

Mast bucket, composed of zinc-plated iron rod and galvanized iron sheet for masts up to 45 mm in diameter. Ideal for joining two masts or a tube make an extension. Includes counter-abarcones. Metric rod 6mm Dimensions: 50x125 mm. Mast diameter from 20 to 45 mm.

Aislador de Boom Boom Isolators

Boom Isolators

Price €0.72

Insulators fixing the elements to the boom.

Mastant Resistant Rope P3... Mastant Resistant Rope P3...

Mastant Resistant Rope P3 (3mm)

Price €0.39

Mastrant P3 Resistant Rope (PRICE PER METER)Material: 3mm Polyester Section.Manufacture: Braided with twisted core with polyester center.Exterior: Cover: Polyester [Sun and water resistant in Interperie].Features: 200 daN strength, safe work load 60 daN, elongation 2.4%, weight: 0.5 kg (per 100 m).

Aislador redondo 20mm

25mm Round Boom Isolator

Price €7.26

Pack 10 unds

Q6 Mastrant (6mm)

Q6 Mastrant (6mm)

Price €0.95

Rope MASTRANT Q6 (PRICE PER METRO)Material: Polyester 6mm Section.Manufacture: Braided with crooked soul with polyester center.Exterior: Cover: Polyester [Sun and Water Resistant in Interperie].Features: 730 daN force, Safe working load 220 daN, Elongation 2.4%, Weight: 3.1 kg (in every 100 m).

PA 50mm flange

PA 50mm flange

Price €4.95


Chapas para bridas 12mm

50mm flange plates

Price €2.95

50mm flange plates

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