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Sealing Paste 118ml. Black

Easy-to-use non-conductive liquid paste for airtight and waterproof dielectric coating of connectors, terminalsand metal elements. Prevents vibrations from connections. The coating will last the entire life of the application remains like a goma. Dry in a few minutes.

Color: Black Quantity: 118ml.

Apply andallow to dry for at least 30 minutes.

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  • Forms an airtight, protective, waterproof, UV resistant, dielectric coating.
  • Prevents corrosion on wires and terminals, protects against vibration.
  • Easy to use, cap has a brush applicator.
  • Patented, UL-tested, fast drying formula.
  • Can be built-up with additional layers.
  • Adheres to all metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber and composite surfaces
  • Stops terminal screws from loosening due to vibration
  • UL® tests available upon request
  • 100’s of uses – bilge pumps, outdoor exposed wiring, sprinkler pumps, timers, underground wiring, outdoor lighting fixtures, instruments, anywhere a weatherproof and dependable connection is needed.
  • Can be applied to irregular shaped and hard to reach connections
  • Multicolors allow coding of wires
  • Will not peel or unravel
  • Stays clean and neat
  • Service range -34°C to +120°C (-30°F to +255°F)
  • Great flexibility
  • Super dielectric strength

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