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Pasta de Sellado 30ml. Negra Sealing Paste 118ml. Black

Sealing Paste 118ml. Black

Price €29.95

Easy-to-use non-conductive liquid paste for airtight and waterproof dielectric coating of connectors, terminalsand metal elements. Prevents vibrations from connections. The coating will last the entire life of the application remains like a goma. Dry in a few minutes. Color: Black Quantity: 118ml. Apply andallow to dry for at least 30 minutes....

Support Strip 5 Coaxial... Support Strip 5 Coaxial...
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Support Strip 5 Coaxial View. 2.0 SC

Price €24.50

Machined aluminum angle support for 5 antenna coaxial cable sockets. The customer can place their female connectors either in PL-259 or N-type connectors. Only the machined angle is served, without connectors, without screws. Price for 1 UNIT