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Cuerda Mastant Resistente P6 (6mm)

M4 Mastrant Rope (4mm)

Price €1.45
€1.45 Por Metro

M4 MASTRANT Rope (PRICE PER METRO) Material: 4mm Dyneema Section.Manufacture: Braided with crooked soul, Dyneema DM20 nucleus. Exterior: Cover: Polyester [Sun and Water Resistant in Interperie]. Characteristics: 900 daN force, Safe working load 270daN, Elongation 1.2 %, weight: 1.4 kg (in every 100 m).

Mastant Resistant Rope P3... Mastant Resistant Rope P3...

Mastant Resistant Rope P3 (3mm)

Price €39.00
€0.39 Por Metro

Mastrant P3 Resistant Rope (PRICE PER METER)Material: 3mm Polyester Section.Manufacture: Braided with twisted core with polyester center.Exterior: Cover: Polyester [Sun and water resistant in Interperie].Features: 200 daN strength, safe work load 60 daN, elongation 2.4%, weight: 0.5 kg (per 100 m).