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Antennas Steppir

Antennas steppir

Antennas of the prestigious Steppir 6m to 80m yagis and verticals.

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Antenna steppir 2 Elements... Antenna steppir 2 Elements...

Antenna steppir 2 Elements HF 6-40m

Price €4,025.00

steppir 2 Elements with 30/40mts included. 6 to 40 meters with a single coaxial descent. (Passive element for 50 MHz not included) Very Important: Check Availability and final price, being an Import product can vary for various reasons.

Steppir 3E-HF 6-40m 30/40 DB-18 HF 6-40m steppir...

DB-18 HF 6-40m steppir antenna SDA100

Price €6,098.00

Steppir 3 Elements with 30/40mts SDA100 included Package Includes: DB18 Yagi 40m-6m Connector junction box Element truss kit Boom truss kit 6m Passive element kit DB25 Cable splice 6 to 40 meters with a single coaxial descent.3 Elements from 6 to 40 meters and 2 Elements in 30 and 40 Mts. Important: See Availability.

Soporte cañas-motor High Wind Motor Kit/Antenna...

High Wind Motor Kit/Antenna Rods steppir

Price €147.95

High wind motor kit/reeds for Yagi antennas steppirThe KIT includes: Machined sheet stainless steel 4mm thick. 4 Rubber rubbers (3 fat and 1 thin). 4 PolyproPilene flanges of 50mm. 4 Separators. 8 M-6x90mm long screws (with washer and nuts) Stainless steel. for the 4 flanges. 10 M-5x30mm screws (with washer and nuts) to anchor the motor to the sheet...

Cable de interfaz "Y"

Interface cable "Y"

Price €46.00

02114 Y connector cable for SDA 100 Transceiver InterfaceThe 'Y' cable is used to connect a computer registration program, a transceiver and the SDA 100 to a unique communication port; The Y cable is not required with Icom Radios; Must be used with the transceiver interface module and radio-specific interface cable (each sold separately)