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Rope R3 Mastrant (3mm) 100 meter roll

Rope MASTRANT R2 (100 meter roll)

Material: Polyester 2mm Section.

Manufacture: Braided with crooked soul with polyester center.

Exterior: Cover: Polyester [Sun and Water Resistant in Interperie].

Features: 200 daN force, 60daN safe working load, Elongation 2.4%, weight: 890 gg (in every 100 m).

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MASTRANT-R (yellow version of MASTRANT-P) is a quality/price optimized string that covers many needs. This excellent rope offers very good resistance, low elongation, high resistance to UV rays and moisture. It has low weight, high abrasion resistance, great durability and is not conductive (has no effect on your antenna). In addition, in contrast to strings made of aramid fibers (Kevlar, Vectran, Technora, Twaron), it has a knot strength of approximately 60%.

Construction: braided rope with twisted cores

Core: polyester, twisted cores arranged in parallel

Cover: polyester


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