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Cruceta para Vientos XL (45-75mm) Plastic Pulley
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Plastic Pulley

Price €8.50

Mini Pulley, supports up to 4mm diameter, high quality UV resistant plastic finish, suitable for wire or cable antennas, rope clamping, etc.. Weight: 5 gr. Measurements: 30mm height x 16mm width x 13mm width. Force [daN] 190 - Safe workload [daN] 47

Cruceta para Vientos XL (45-75mm) Wallwind Support

Wallwind Support

Price €19.95

Bracket threaded rod hook ideal for holding steel or rope wind runs by passing the brick of the wall or fence and fixing it between the two plates. Zinc Steel Material. Rod Length: 300mm. Plates: 200x50x5mm Metric Thread Rod M-13 1 Unit Photo: Guidance