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Technical specifications:

· Band: 144 MHz.
· Elements: 6.
· Gain: 12.6 dBi (Free Space).
· F/B: 23.66 dB.

·Polarization: Horizontal or Vertical.
· SWR: 1,1:1 x 1.5:1.
· Impedance: 50 Ohm.
· Maximum power: 5,000 W. PEP
· Boom length: 2.60 m.
· Turning radius: 1,317 m.
· Total height: 55 cm.
· Weight: 3 Kg.
· Wind resistance: > 200 Km/h.

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In BIG SIGNAL we present the latest generation in the design and development of cubic antennas for the VHF / 144 MHz band.

Why choose a cubic antenna in VHF over a traditional yagi?

· Full wavelength antenna in 2 meters, achieving maximum performance and efficiency.
· More gain in less boom length than a Yagi of the same size.
· Very low noise. Being a closed antenna, it will allow you to reduce the QRN and improve the reception quality of weak signals in the band.
· Less influence on polarization crossing. This results in less QSB or signal loss when signals are received in different Horizontal/Vertical polarization.
· High selectivity. Excellent suppression of lateral and rear lobes.
· Easy and quick installation, assembled elements, tool-free assembly.

The most important part of your receiver should be the best, your antenna is part of your receiver and possibly the most important of your radio station.

BIG SIGNAL - Maximum performance in V-UHF


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