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Leatherman Tread Black

Made of 17-4 stainless steel and designed to surround your wrist, the Imperial Tread is as comfortable as it is functional. Choose from 29 different tools and take it with you anywhere, whether it's for work, projects or vacations. This version of the Tread features an imperial measurement system. It's the world's first wearable multipurpose. It's to wear on your wrist and you can customize it. All the basics you may need are at leatherman Tread. It is quite light, weighs 168 grams and you can adapt it to the uses of tools that you are going to use.

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1. Hook cutter

Useful for cutting ribbons, ropes or seat belts.

2. Open bottles

Useful for opening soft drinks.

3. Key for oxygen deposits

A standard measurement wrench used to open oxygen tanks. Ideal for emergencies or firefighters.

4. Carbide-tipped glass breaker

To break glass in case of emergency

5. 1/4" flat screwdriver

6. 5/16" Screwdriver

7. 1/8" flat screwdriver

8. 8mm hex wrench

9. 10mm hex wrench

10. 1/4" hex wrench

11. 3/8" hex wrench

12. 33/32" Screwdriver

13. 3/16" Screwdriver

14. Phillips Screwdriver n 1-2

15. Phillips Screwdriver No1

16. 3/32" hexagonal tip

17. 1/8" hexagonal tip

18. 3/16" hex wrench

19. 1/4" hexagonal tip

20. 3/16" hexagonal tip

21. 5mm hexagonal tip

22. 6mm hexagonal tip

23. 4mm hexagonal tip

24. 3mm hexagonal tip

25. Square No2

26. Phillips Screwdriver No2

27. 6mm hex wrench

28. 1/4" glass wrench

29. Accessory to remove SIM card

Useful for removing SIM cards and other small parts from difficult sites.


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