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PETG Standard Light Green Transparent 800gr

THE PET-G Standard filament of ROSA3D is characterized by the ease of printing comparable to PLA. Recommended for people who deal with professional and amateur 3D prints.

The details manufactured in PET-G Standard are characterized by precise details, good adhesion to the work table, toilet and low level of shrinkage.

PET-G Standard prints are distinguished by their high chemical resistance. They can be sanded, drilled, sawed, sanded, cut and painted without compromising the structural integrity of the component.

The standard PET-G filament is made of approved raw materials for contact with food. However, for products that come into contact with food, certification is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the final product.

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Recommended print temperature 220-260oC.

Recommended bed temperature: 60-80oC.


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