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· Bands: 40 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 6 m. *Coupler required in the other bands (12, 17 and 30 m.)
· Gain: 3.2 dBi. (Free Space).
· Polarization: Horizontal.
· Balun: Included.
· SWR: 1.1:1 x 2.0:1 in
· Maximum power: 2,000 W.
· Total width: 18.5 meters.
· Minimum height required: 8 meters.
· Weight: 2.5 Kg.
· Wind resistance: > 200 Km/h.

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The BIG SIGNAL DL-4010 is an innovative high-performance multiband Delta Loop antenna design consisting of 2 full wavelength loops at 40 and 20 meters, which in turn are easily adaptable in their harmonics such as 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6 meters.

Its installation is carried out upright to the ground with a minimum required height of 8 meters.

Why choose the dl-4010 BIG SIGNAL antenna over a conventional Dipole antenna?

Full wavelength antenna, achieving maximum performance and efficiency.
· Superior gain and performance compared to any half-wave dipole, double bazooka or similar.
· Very low radiation angle even at low altitude, ideal for DX.
· Reduction of QRM being a closed loop, which will allow you to improve the reception of weak DX signals in urban environments.

· High quality materials.

In times where unfortunately noise in cities is becoming louder, a closed antenna in horizontal polarization is the ultimate solution to improve the reception of weak DX signals masked by the QRM.

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