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DB-11 HF 6-20m steppir antenna OptimizIR

Type: Antenna (Reduced Boom) Include OptimizIR

Brand: Steppir

Model: 2/3 Yagi Elements 6 to 20 meters. (HF)

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The DB11 is the smallest of our Yagi antennas that uses loop technology. This is a distinctive advantage, allowing for a 40% smaller platform size with excellent performance.

The DB11 uses an integrated coaxial switch to select which of the three elements is operated to give the same performance in the forward and backward directions. The antenna and coaxial switch control is integrated into the SDA100 controller for effortless tuning.

The DB11 is our only antenna without the optional 6m passive element kit. The spacing of the 3 elements is also ideal for 6 m.

With two active elements at 20m and three active elements above 20m, you get an average of 7 DB gain and 20 DB of forward/backward ratio in each band.


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